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Maximize the value of a
cost-effective benefit program.

Balance is defined on an individual employer basis.  You have unique needs, cultures, budgets and priorities.  We take a concierge approach to working with our clients in defining specific goals and objectives and designing a perfectly balanced employee benefit package.



Create high-quality offerings that don't break the bank: 






Comprehensive Benefit Program Review

Historical Renewal Action

Pinpoint Cost Drivers

Alternate Funding Viability Study

Plan Modeling

Pre-Renewal Analysis

Market Evaluations

Claim Performance Audits

In-house Underwriting

Carrier Management

Compliance Governance

Employee Communication Plans

Technology Resources

Get Well, Stay Well Programs

On-Site Clinic Ingenuity


Identify Opportunities

Benchmark Plan Performance

Targeted Solutions

Effective Financial Outcomes

Test-Drive Potential Changes

Receive Fair Renewals

Highest Cost-to-Value Solutions

Provider Network Accountability

Up-to-date Forecasting Capabilities

Productive Relationships

Risk Protection

Engaged Workforce

Streamlined and Efficient Processes

Improve Health Outcomes

Care and Cost Control

Creating balance is collaboration between your operation and ours.  It's also a long-term commitment.  We have the expertise, resources and time to transform your employee benefit package into a cost-efficient recruiting and retention tool, and into a highly-valued employer asset.


Maximize the value of a cost-effective benefit program.


Fiscally Responsible. Legally Compliant. Competitively Positioned.

We have you Covered.

Wherever you go, we go there together.



Light the path to healthier employees.

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