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Our clients know we are here for them.

The first decision for any employer needing benefit program expertise and management is to select your broker.  We ask the questions to make sure that our working relationship results in meeting and exceeding the needs of the established goals. Broker to broker, a big part of the value lies in the partnership with the employer in establishing objectives and executing solutions.


While our expertise is in large self-funded complex plans, we treat each of our clients as if they are our only client.


We have worked long and hard to gain the respect of the insurance companies, TPA's, PBM's, stop loss markets, and the underwriters. Our requests get the best attention, hands down. We know the market, we know the products, we know the rules, and we know our clients.


We have particular expertise in large self-funded complex plans. While that is our specialty, we treat each of our clients as if they are our only client.


We don't want to work with everyone. We really don't. If it's not a fit, it doesn't work for you, and it doesn't work for us. That is just a reality.  At times, when we've been invited to talk with a group, and we find they are "bidding" (we hate that word) the group out to multiple brokers, we graciously back out.  "Bidding" compromises the quality of the proposals and diminishes the integrity of the employer. We don't do that to our clients.


What do all of our clients have in common?


>> Our clients are creative and critical. Strategic and deliberate. 

>> Always open to innovation. 

>> They support and promote the benefit programs. 

>> Literate in health care finance and benefit savvy, they understand that benefits and health care are not commodities. 

>> Our clients value the partnership and want the long term relationship. 

>> They recognize our role and value and do not regard us as a "vendor." 

>> They exploit our talent and expertise and like us, our clients are honest, ethical and forthright.


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