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Fiscally Responsible. 

Legally Compliant. 

Competitively Positioned.

We have you covered.

Employee benefits is an arena flooded with regulatory requirements, financial risk and industry fluctuations that can expose a company to hundreds of thousands of dollars in penalties, fines, legal fees and unnecessary costs.  We have the experience, the qualifications and the dedication to protect our clients from the potential pitfalls that can threaten your organization.


Trust us to protect the integrity of your benefits program:






ERISA, DOL & ERISA Compliance Support

Plan Document & Summary Plan Document Preparation 

Affordable Care Act Reporting & Tracking 

Benefit & Financial Contract Oversight

Pay or Play Analysis 

Reinsurance Fee Calculation

Prepare and Distribute Federal Notices

Full Suite of Compliance Technology

Regulatory Resources for HIPAA, COBRA, FMLA, ADA, etc.

Cobra Administration 

Health Care Reform & Legislative Alerts

Form 5500 Filing Assistance

Industry Trend Reporting



Be Audit Prepared

Enhanced Legal Position

Compliant & Current

Avoids Compromise

Quantify the Impact

No Budget Surprises

Eliminate HR Headache

Instant Access

Prevent Missteps

Minimize Liability

Stay in the Know

Prevent Penalty Assessments

Enhance Talent Retention


Our clients have worked long and hard to build their businesses.  That's why we are so passionate about protecting the financial strength and integrity of their organizations. 


Maximize the value of a cost-effective benefit program.


Fiscally Responsible. Legally Compliant. Competitively Positioned.

We have you Covered.

Wherever you go, we go there together.



Light the path to healthier employees.

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