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Wherever you go,

we go there together.

The delivery of your employee benefits package is complex, incorporating many different moving parts.  Success depends on having the right team to stand with you and provide ongoing, consistent guidance.  Think of us as your very own benefits entourage.



Feel confident in your every move:








Distinct Framework

Consistent Relationships

Gain a Competitive Edge

Never Feel Alone

Hassle-Free Decisions

Credible Sources

Personalized Advice

Content on Demand

Tailored Attention

Administrate with Ease

Increased Accountability


Frequent, Intense Consultation

Tenured Team

Sterling Reputation

On-Site Support

Early Renewal Management

Legal Expertise from Attorney Partnerships

HR Consulting

Full-Suite of HR and Compliance Technology

Customized Educational Workshops

Comprehensive Benefit Administration Support

Vendor Integration



We know that benefits are just one slice of your business. To us, it's the entire pie.  We dedicate ourselves to providing you with the resources you need, when you need them.


Maximize the value of a cost-effective benefit program.


Fiscally Responsible. Legally Compliant. Competitively Positioned.

We have you Covered.

Wherever you go, we go there together.



Light the path to healthier employees.

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