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Susan Davison

Merlin meets Lewis and Clarke's guide (Susan threw Sacagawea out of the canoe). Please don't tell her no, or can't do because she won't rest until it is yes and done. She's the one that actually pulled the sword out of the stone. Find a way and if it doesn't exist, make a way. Grab a brick and make a road. No and can't are not options.



>> Overall operations

>> Strategy, planning, projections

>> Communications

>> Clinical operations executive

>> Whirling dervish

>> Velvet glove and iron fist protecting client interests

>> Trailblazing

>> Path finding

>> Just a tad psychic

>> Definitely OCD about client support and operational performance

Celebrity Crush

Jeff Goldblum

You could be anyone!  Who would you be?

Iron Man.  Or Scarlett O'Hara

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